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Didymus Ink

Didymus Ink is a family owned multimedia art company. 

Serving the Cowlitz & Lewis Counties in Washington State. Hire us for specific events, our face painting and temporary body art/tattoos are unmatched!   

You name it, we can paint it!

Mural Art

Face Painting

Window Painting

Tell us about Didymus

In the Bible Didymus is synonymous with the last name of the owners, James and Lindsey Thomas.

"Now Thomas (also known as Didymus), one of the Twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came."

-John 20:24

Thomas is Didymus, and that's where we got our name.

Married over 29 years, James and Lindsey have 5 children together, ages 10-25 years old. All of whom enjoy music and art, bringing their own talents to the family business. Together they have also fostered over 30 children in the state of Washington with a life goal of helping all who can be helped.

James Thomas, a former Marine grew up in an artistic family. His art experience starts at age 5, when he started his journey in the Martial Arts. He also brings his experience with ceramics as a potter who studied at Goldenwest College in Huntington Beach, CA.

His "rockstar" wife, Lindsey Thomas, started extremely young in the arts as well. She proudly served the Northern CA area with her voice as the lead singer for The Lindsey Thomas Band for over a decade. An artist since a young child.  She's won several awards over the years for her drawing abilities, vocal talent, and poetry. Not only is she a multimedia artist, but she's a smile and a warmth that people just can't seem to get enough of. 

Homeschooling instructors to their own 5 children. They stress the importance of community involvement and helping others in need. They've enjoyed unique opportunities to serve several charities from California to Washington. 

They currently enjoy volunteering with various local charity and volunteer programs.

"We believe we should bloom where we're planted! Didymus Ink is blooming in Castle Rock! "  ~Lindsey


Who we are and what we do

Our journey in online sales began as a spark of creativity on Etsy, where the Owner/Artist/Instructor, Lindsey Thomas, started selling original artworks, which caught the eye and hearts of art enthusiasts around the world. Fueled by passion and a relentless drive to innovate as a family-owned and operated enterprise comprising a talented team of eight artists, we are proud to be a shining example of how passion can shape the world.

What sets Didymus Ink apart is our commitment to fostering family and community.

We enjoy serving our community through volunteer work and encourage our customers to get involved with their local charities and volunteer programs, such as: 

H.E.V.I.N.-Helping Every Veteran In Need 

Helping Hands Storehouse Ministry             

Castle Rock Bloom Team 

Castle Rock Community Development Alliance

Street Art

Arts of the Mountain

Castle Rock Public Library 

Embark on a voyage of artistic discovery.
Welcome to Didymus Ink Multimedia Art Center,
where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and creativity knows no limits.

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Physical Address:

204 Huntington Ave S 

 Castle Rock, WA 98611

Mailing Address: 

PO BOX 1731 

 Castle Rock, WA 98611

Phone: (360) 747-1843



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204 Huntington Ave S, Castle Rock, WA 98611

(360) 747-1843


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